English as Second Language

English as Second Language

Imagine being able to work in jobs that are commonly available to English speaking people. Envision you have the choice to choose a job that will give you higher earnings. And picture yourself being able to clearly communicate your needs to live a fulfilling life.

Your ability to speak, write, and comprehend English in the United States would affect your productivity in life and subsequently, earning potential. Recent studies have shown that non-English speakers working in the United States who have resorted to strengthening their English with education have increased their quality of life. Good communication, is therefore, critical.

Jobs Across the World is proud to offer to its clients online English courses to help people meet personal and job-related standards from all over the world.

By taking your next step to improve your English, you will gain sufficient knowledge to apply yourself in a variety of English settings such as: grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, speaking, pronunciation, and writing.

We understand what it takes to foster a personal and attentive learning environment that is flexible and accommodating. That is why prior to starting the English course, we assess your English abilities and place you into your most ideal learning level. Being in the appropriate level allows you to work on areas of improvement, gain the confidence you seek, and find success with your English proficiency.

Program Brief
Each week for eight (8) weeks, students will be tutored one-on-one (online) for thirty (30) minutes as your certified instructor give you their full and undivided attention. This means you can focus on practicing your pronunciation and comprehension without having to worry about any other student.

In addition to your weekly thirty (30) minute online sessions with your live tutor, developed course materials are available to supplement your learning goals. You can learn English at your own pace and privacy without even having to leave your home.

            COURSE #   ESL COURSES
1          ESL100         Level 100: Beginner
2          ESL200         Level 200: Elementary
3          ESL300         Level 300: Intermediate
4          ESL400         Level 400: Advanced

A Quality English Education Does Not Need to be Costly
With a little time and patience, you will soon be on your way to improving your English skills.

*** Changes of this offering and additional terms and conditions are subject to the provider's discretion.